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We connect you to your customers

At Maystr, our mission is to make it easier for businesses like you to reach out and connect with customers. We believe that letting people know about your latest offers and news is essential for your growth and driving in customers. So we designed an app to suit your needs!











Flexible On-Time Promotions


Maystr allows you to send tailor-made promotions and offers directly to your customers whenever you need to drive footfall. You decide how long your promotion will last and how long it will be displayed on our platform. With Maystr you can share every promotion you create on your other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, allowing you to reach a wide audience! 









Performance Analytics


Maystr helps you keep track of your performance by allowing you to see which of your promotions were most successful at driving people to your business. Each promotion you create comes with its very own unique QR code for customers to redeem upon payment. Simply use the business app to scan the code. This allows you to see how many people engaged with and redeemed your promotions. 








Putting You On The Map 


Our location-based technology allows people within your vicinity to receive notifications of any new promotions happening around them. This means that people nearby will be able to see your offers and news. People will also be able to search promotions based on location, so your promotion will be seen across the city. Showcase your business further by uploading and sharing stories of your business to help others discover you before they even go.